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  • The Pebble Mine is a risk America can't afford.

    The science is clear: A massive, open pit mine in the middle of Bristol Bay would cause irreversible damage to Alaska Native traditions, Alaska's commercial fishing industry, and threaten up to 14,000 American jobs.

    Ask the EPA to move forward with permanent protection for Bristol Bay — write the agency a note of support for its determination that gives Alaska Natives, commercial fishermen, and other Bristol Bay industries the economic certainty they need. Take Action Now!
    Persuading leaders in Washington starts on the ground in Alaska. In order to persuade federal officials to respond to the clear science about Bristol Bay, we need people across Alaska to spread the word about how we can stop the Pebble Mine. Volunteer Now!
    We need federal officials to follow the science. You can help ensure that the voices of those whose jobs and livelihoods depend on Bristol Bay are heard. Donate Now!

    About Bristol Bay United

    Bristol Bay United is dedicated to protecting the jobs and livelihoods of thousands of Americans who depend on Bristol Bay's $1.5 billion fishing industry. Our opposition to Pebble mine has brought together one of the broadest, most diverse coalitions in Alaska's history: Democrats and Republicans; fishermen and sportsmen; business owners and Alaska Natives; chefs and jewelers. Together, we speak in support of the 80% of Bristol Bay residents, the 60% of Alaskans, and hundreds of thousands of Americans from coast to coast who have long known what independent scientific studies have made clear: Pebble Mine is a risk Alaska can't afford to take.

    Latest News

    July 18, 2014
    EPA proposes Pebble Mine restrictions
    Saying that even a smaller mine than the proposed Pebble Mine “would have significant, unacceptable impacts to downstream salmon-rearing areas” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Friday announced proposed restrictions that would sharply curtail or halt mining at the site. Read More
    July 18, 2014
    EPA to propose limits on Alaska’s Pebble Mine project
    The proposed determination, which will now be subject to a public comment period, represents the latest step by the Obama administration to impose restrictions on a massive gold and copper mining project, called Pebble Mine. Native Alaskan tribes, commercial fishing operations and environmentalists who have been seeking to block the venture on the grounds that discharge from its operations could harm the area that supports nearly half of the world’s sockeye salmon. Read More